About Jim

Hello Everyone,

My name is Jim and I’ve worked in the automotive industry for roughly 10 years now in various shapes and forms. Back yard mechanic, tire shops, oil change shops, dealerships and even as a tow truck driver for a while. Sometimes pairing a hobby with the same thing that you do for work is a bad idea but I have a deep love for classic Ford and Lincoln as well as newer super duty Ford pickups (who doesn’t right?)

I am a man of many interests however and to not drive my self crazy I like to diversify my interests into sports, fishing, hunting and even video games.

I guess I am like any other guy out there in this day and age as you could find me fixing a hot rod one day, watching an NFL playoff game that night, catching a large mouth the next day and then firing up the old computer for some online games with my buddies afterwards. Call me well rounded.

Reading isn’t something I’ve been known to do much but I do like writing from time to time. Which is why I’ve thought to put some of my ideas and interests out there on the internet via this blog.

Mostly I will be talking shop about cars and trucks but it is my blog so I will write about whatever I damn well please. Haha.

Lastly to give you one more bit of insight into my life I’d like to tell you about the love of my life. No, not my wife. She unfortunately left me a couple years back. It is my 65 Ford Mustang Convertible. It is a work in progress at the moment but I am working hard on trying to get it car show ready. That will be a few years off but it has been an awesome outlet for me among other things.

That is all for this page.