How to Find a Good Automotive Detailing Center

Of all the neighborhoods around me, my area has the reputation for being the seat of high-end autos. Drive through the streets and you’ll see more luxury vehicles here than most any other part of town.

With the high-demand for the high-end cars has come a high-demand for car washes and professional auto detailing. However, because of the opportunity for auto detailing shops to make money, clients might seemed a little overwhelmed at the amount of options for auto detailing near me and maybe you are having this issue too.

There is a very high competition for auto detailing. This is very nice for auto owners who are looking for the best detailing company in town. The trick is to see through the smooth talk and promises to find the true performance and delivery of that company.

Consumers have trouble understanding why the local car wash is five or six bucks and the high-end detailing company offers package that are five or six hundred bucks and where to even start. Begin by figuring out how much your car is worth and then access whether saving a few dollars is worth the paint damage that the automatic car washes cause. Most real car guys are going to be looking for professional auto detailing shops and mobile detailers.

Here are three things that you should take note of as you go about finding the right detailing shop.

 find a good detail shop

Experience is very important. Not the “We’ve been in business for 30 years” claim of experience but someone who works with high-end cars and properly trains their employees to deliver. You don’t want a beginner scratching up your car because they don’t know what they are doing.

Finding a detailer who uses high-end speciality products is the second must have. Don’t be fooled into the “We only use the best products the auto detailing industry has to offer” claim. 99% of the local detail companies use cheap bulk products. Make sure to find someone who isn’t just trying to get as many cars in and out of their shop as quickly as possible.

Last but not least, make sure that you are going to have a quality experience with the detailing company. Are they trying their hardest to make your appointment and detailing package work for you? Are they courteous? Do they treat their employees well? Guess what, they will probably do an amazing job on your car if you answered yes.

Make sure that you find a detailing shop that fits your exact needs. If you can find that perfect fit, it will be well worth the search. Than again, you may find someone who meets these standards right off the bat.

Above all, especially if you have a black vehicle. Make sure the process they are going to use to buff your paint. Last thing you want is to leave with the dreaded swirl marks in your beautiful paint job… trust me I know the feeling. Luckily this problem can be repaired in some circumstances but you are better off avoiding it all together.

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